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GMAO application: the essential tool.

With our  GMAO application, optimize the durability and performance of your equipment and machines with a professional computer-aided maintenance management tool.

·      GMAO application is composed of two parts:
o    Desktop part for operators, maintenance, team leader, sector manager
o    Web part for sector heads and managers on application
Driss Ejjabli, CMMS application editor offers you a CMMS solution to efficiently manage the maintenance of your machine park. This tool is multi-user and multi-workstation, and works on all versions of Windows.
·       The ideal tool for preventive maintenance
The GMAO / maintenance solution G-Maintenance meets the expectations of companies and industries wishing to guarantee better optimization of preventive maintenance.
o    Our GMAO program can automatically warn you, at start-up, if any interventions need to be  carried out.
o   When carrying out an intervention, it is possible to define all the parts that were used, as well as the hours of people and the intervention of subcontractors.
·       G-Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance
The GMAO G-Maintenance application is used to prepare corrective maintenance strategies
o    For each intervention, it is possible to define all the parts that were used, as well as the hours of people and the intervention of subcontractors.
o   Alarm management: highlighting machines that have a higher failure rate than tolerated (over an 8-hour period, indicating the number of corrective interventions accepted over this period).
·      G-Maintenance and Ameliorative Maintenance
The GMAO also makes it possible to manage type A improvement interventions: these are all the work carried out, which aims to improve the means of production. For example, new work (creation of a building, a new workshop), or the improvement of a machine.
·       Maintenance Indicators (D MTBF MTTR)
(In general, by line, by machine, by technician)          


·       The monitoring tool: charts
The GMAO application offers many graphs to monitor the performance of maintenance:
                      PDRS Consumed By Line / Date
                      PDRS Ordered By Line / Date
                      Breakdowns By Line / Machine
                      Repair rate
                      Occupation time
Ø Manage your machine park
Computer-assisted maintenance management allows you to monitor the interventions to be carried out on your machine park:
    o You must define the machines using a name, location, code, ... And for each machine, you have the possibility of defining the components that compose it.
    o Machines can be recorded by line (physical location of the machine in the workshop) and by type of machine.
    o For each machine, you must define the interventions that will be carried out (either on the complete machine or on a specific component), by defining the intervention frequency (number of operating hours, or number of days / months / years ).
    o Thanks to our GMAO app, you will find many filters allowing you to easily find a machine.
Ø Management of spare parts
Our G-Maintenance maintenance tool allows warehouse management, where you will have to define all the items that can be used during corrective, improvement or preventive maintenance interventions.
o    A screen displays the forecast consumption (depending on the frequency of the interventions).
Ø Other G-Maintenance features
Other features of our GMOA solution:
  o Staff management: possibility of monitoring internal staff and subcontractors.
  o Order management: possibility of placing orders in the program and receiving parts.
  o Management of purchase requests: to ask the department concerned the possibility of placing an order.
  o Multi-users: for each user, possibility to define the level of access for each screen (display / modification).
  o Possibility of exporting documents by Excel file
  o Black Table
 o Newspapers
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