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Why invest and do SEO? 7 reasons to know!

When we want to develop our business and in particular the visibility of our website, we need to make an investment in effective leverage. In other words, a lever that requires a minimum of effort for a maximum of benefits.

Hence, when I say investment, I mean financial investment, but also investment in time, human resources, material and more.

The same goes for profits, I mean financiers, but also all the side benefits that can allow a business to live well (reputation, reduction in operational costs, etc.).

In this article, I invite you to discover 7 reasons that are enough to pass the step of investing in SEO, and you will see that this leverage is more than ever one of the most useful there is.

# 1 - You get qualified traffic

The first benefit that comes to mind when it comes to investing in SEO is having more qualified traffic. This is true, because if we add the traffic that Google can bring us, but also all the search services that can be conquered by an SEO, it can generate a lot of visibility for your products, services or other.

The trap in which you should not fall, however, is to want to position yourself on places / requests where your customers are not, but overall, if you have a good strategy, each person who will enter a request specific to your activity. could potentially be a forward buyer.

# 2 - you improve conversion and sales

A lot of people ask me why SEO improves conversion and overall sales count even without more traffic. The reality is that today, and as always, you have to focus on what users want to be able to perform in SEO.

While the “mechanical” actions of SEO always pay off, I am a believer in improving user experience and page-level behaviors / understanding. So, if a site is lightning fast, CTAs (call to action) and info are in the right places, etc ... Maybe it's because an SEO has been there.

# 3 - Your site becomes “square”

I have more and more people calling me and asking me to check their site to make sure all best practices are in place. Sometimes there is an SEO strategy to maintain or improve, and it's okay to call me for that ... But sometimes, it's just to have a square site from home.

I find that good, because these are often people who think “outside the box”. It's not just traffic and sales, it's having a love for a job well done, and that is really good for your reputation too.

# 4 - You become a “serious player”

I like the name “serious player”, because it affects as much the brand image that can be worked on, as the work itself that your company provides to design a great site, quality products and more. again.

SEO, because you will have a complete, useful, square site that is visible in many “places”, will gradually raise you to the rank of reference in your field.

If you're quoted all over the place, flooding Google results pages, and doing extensive work around UX, behavior, content, partnerships and the like ... It can only do a lot for you.

# 5 - You help other levers and services succeed

I've really never heard of this argument, or it's rare ... And yet, if your site is well researched and you do a thorough SEO job, every problem has its solution on the site. Request => Offer.

This can have positive consequences for other levers and departments in your business as well. For example, the person who takes care of your advertisements may have well-crafted pages, your reps may give specific pages to answer certain questions, your support as well. As for social media specialists, that's ideal. SEO allows you to ask good questions, to put in some common sense and to improve the way of working on your site.

# 6 - You enrich your market research

You can do in-depth market research, I'm 99% sure you will learn something from the work we can do in SEO. Between studying your targets, researching keywords, defining goals, SEO auditing and more ... I can't believe you have thought of everything;)

Generally, there are always vertical markets or niches to be taken, just like “data”, which is increasingly a flagship concept in our professional sphere.

# 7 - you will get opportunities

For some time now, there have been a lot of companies that have realized the value of working with influence mechanisms and other more subtle and specialized things.

As a result, as soon as we start to have a little visibility, we are harassed by emails of all kinds to make a guest article, a comment, to work together, to organize interviews, etc.

A lot of it is spam, let's hear it, but if you take the care to scratch the ground a little, you'll know whether the opportunity is reliable or not.


There are a lot of arguments to be able to convince of the usefulness of doing SEO. I wanted to name a few to help both understand very basic benefits, but also more discreet ones like the returned branding.

Remember that SEO is continuous work that allows you to have a good working tool (your site technically speaking), something to offer to your targets (your content, whether textual, audio, video, etc. ), popularity (which will ultimately allow you to have a domino effect on the web and elsewhere).

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